Case Studies

Melissa Gallimore

Operations Manager at Doncaster Construction Skills Village

"I have volunteered at a number of events organised by Doncaster Skills Academy and they have all been beneficial. They enable me to promote the construction industry and engage with learners from primary to secondary schools in the local area. I believe the events I attend are adding value and give young people a chance to broaden their options of the industries they may eventually work in."

Sam Kerley

Director, Solutions 4 Cleaning

"We all have choices to make daily, some are big, whilst others are small but the results of those choices influence those around us.  Blame is an easy option we choose, when we are not able to face responsibility.

It has already been identified that there is a gap between the education our students are receiving and the skills required for current roles employers are looking to fill.  We would however be guilty of contributory negligence if we choose not to do anything about it.

As a local employer, I’ve chosen to be part of the answer. 

Fortunately it wasn’t a big decision to make as the input I give is small in terms of time and yet I’ve seen the impact on the students with the information they receive is great and therefore worthwhile."

John Cusworth

Head Of Business Development, Free2Learn

"Free2Learn believe in making a difference to individuals in the borough and supporting schools with Skills Academy events and workshops is a great way to make a positive, direct impact on young people’s lives. The workshops are very interactive and as a result the pupils tend to be more engaged and make the day varied and enjoyable.

For any business considering whether to support with the Skills Academy, Free2Learn would certainly recommend it. This is your opportunity to positively influence the next generation and have fun at the same time."

Jade Bancroft

Education Officer, Yorkshire Wildlife Park

"Volunteering for the Doncaster Skills Academy enables us to get out in to the community to build on partnerships with local schools. The students get very excited when they see us on the day which means that the sessions we do with them are always really engaging and rewarding. The visits enable us to link the work we do onsite at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park especially around STEM subjects and careers. They are always very well organised and the staff are very welcoming."

Adi Turnpenny

Principal, Club Doncaster Sports College

"Doncaster Skills Academy provides a great forum for us to work with schools and inform young people about their post 16 options in sport.

The variety of activities on offer, from careers fayres and workshops, to business speakers, benefits both students and businesses alike."

Alex Whitfield

HR Administrator, Go Green Ltd

"Leaving school not knowing what I wanted to do I was lucky enough to find my perfect career path a few years into my working life.

Looking back if I had the support and guidance that Doncaster Skills Academy provide I think I would of come to this decision a lot sooner and there would have been more options and routes for me to go down to get to where I am today.

I enjoy volunteering and delivering within schools as I like to think of the impact I can have with helping a young person to think about their career and what they want to do in the future. Coming from a HR background I can also provide invaluable knowledge into what businesses are looking for and what it takes to secure a job.

I would recommend getting involved with Doncaster Skills Academy as they provide essential awareness and improve the aspirations of the future working generation of Doncaster and you can have a direct impact on this."

Sian Dudley

Head of Marketing and Communications at Cast

"What's great about DSA, is it gives us the chance to broker skills sharing opportunities between creative professionals and young people - opening up the chance for them explore and express their creative potential, which is what we're here to do.

Let's not underestimate, taking time out of the day job is a big commitment for anyone. But ultimately, as the education system continues to evolve, we are responsible for providing the skills, pathways and igniting the potential in local young people more than ever.

In my experience, the young people of Doncaster are vibrant, enthusiastic, cooperative, bright and thirsty for opportunity - and we should all be dedicated to helping them find their way as we are in the creative and cultural sector through this special and impactful partnership programme."

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