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We're passionate about Doncaster, its people and businesses. We know that Doncaster has a great story to tell, and is alive with opportunities for businesses and people. We regularly share information with local students to demonstrate the breadth of opportunity in Doncaster and to give a sense of the pace of change the town is experiencing. For example, did you know...

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Case Studies

John Cusworth, Head Of Business Development, Free2Learn

"Free2Learn believe in making a difference to individuals in the borough and supporting schools with Skills Academy events and workshops is a great way to make a positive, direct impact on young people’s lives. The workshops are very interactive and as a result the pupils tend to be more engaged and make the day varied and enjoyable.

For any business considering whether to support with the Skills Academy, Free2Learn would certainly recommend it. This is your opportunity to positively influence the next generation and have fun at the same time."

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