The idea behind the Doncaster Skills Academy is to connect the skills needed by local employers with the skills of young people leaving the school system. This is crucial to both supporting young people make the best employment choices for themselves, and for the benefit of local businesses and the wider economy.

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Awareness &


Employability &
Work Readiness




Enterprise &

These modules are delivered by the Doncaster Skills Academy team, and the wider business community, in local schools.

The Doncaster Skills Academy is owned by the Doncaster Chamber and is supported by the Edge Foundation and Doncaster Council.

Case Studies

Alex Whitfield, HR Administrator, Go Green Ltd

"Leaving school not knowing what I wanted to do I was lucky enough to find my perfect career path a few years into my working life.

Looking back if I had the support and guidance that Doncaster Skills Academy provide I think I would of come to this decision a lot sooner and there would have been more options and routes for me to go down to get to where I am today.

I enjoy volunteering and delivering within schools as I like to think of the impact I can have with helping a young person to think about their career and what they want to do in the future. Coming from a HR background I can also provide invaluable knowledge into what businesses are looking for and what it takes to secure a job.

I would recommend getting involved with Doncaster Skills Academy as they provide essential awareness and improve the aspirations of the future working generation of Doncaster and you can have a direct impact on this."

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