Employability and Work Readiness

The Doncaster Skills Academy team work very closely with local businesses to understand what it is they look for when they hire new staff, so that in turn the team can tell you how to increase your chances of getting the career you want after you leave school.

Our team can give you:

We can provide your students with:

Information, written and approved by Doncaster’s private sector, on the ‘Employability Competences’ they look for when recruiting

We can provide your students with:

Support in producing CVs, application forms and covering letters as well as taking part in mock job interviews with private sector representatives

We can provide your students with:

Work experience and internship opportunities, giving you a valuable, real life experience of the world of work

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Case Study

Owen Simpson, Balby Carr Academy student

Owen Simpson, a student at Balby Carr Academy, attended his school’s careers fair, organised by the Doncaster Skills Academy.

During the careers fair, Owen spoke to a number of employers and took part in a variety of industry activities. 

Owen then got speaking to a member of the team at South Yorkshire Police, who let him try on their riot gear and spoke to him about a possible career as a police officer.  Before this, Owen had not considered a future in the police force, but during that interaction something sparked an interest and curiosity in Owen to find out more.

Owen then went on to discuss his new found interest further with a careers practitioner from the Doncaster Skills Academy team and soon after this he applied to become a cadet. Owen received support from the Skills Academy team to prepare for his interview, which helped him gain confidence and skills.

Owen was successful in his interview and has become one of South Yorkshire’s new cadets, attending weekly training sessions and other events.  Owen has also continued with his education and is now completing a Public Services/ Uniformed Services course at Doncaster College.

Speaking about his experience, Owen said: "The careers fair gave me an insight to what the police force was about and also what pathways and roles there are.

Working with the Doncaster Skills Academy team helped me so much in terms of connecting me with the Police and also helping me prepare for my interview.

Since starting at the cadets I have learnt so many new life skills and my confidence is growing all the time."

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